Speech Feed Services

As a parent, you want to know the steps required to help your child. Read on to learn more about the evaluation and therapy process and Oral Motor Placement Therapy (OMP).

Step One: Evaluation

Does my child have a speech and/or feeding problem?

  • An OMP assessment will look specifically at your child’s oral movement patterns for speech and/or feeding.

  • Following the assessment, a written summary will identify the areas of strength as well as the areas of need.

  • A report will be written which will explain the problem, try to identify the root cause of the problem if possible, and the extent or severity of the problem.

Step 2: Therapy

What kind of therapy does my child require to address my child’s needs?

  • Speech and language therapy works. However, it is important for you and your child to achieve the desired results! Children with muscle based speech delays and disorders require a different approach from children who have an articulation or phonological delay or disorder. Additionally, if there are underlying structural factors or difficulties with the feeding and/or speech process, this will affect a child’s progress and success in therapy.
  • Here is a good analogy: If you were building a house, you would not start with the walls or the roof or your structure would not be sound. You must first dig ,then build the foundation, and then continue with the rest of the house!

  • The process of OMP therapy requires orderly and specific steps by addressing foundation skills and then building on them. Another similar analogy would be planting a flower. You must first prepare the soil, then plant the seed, and wait…then you see the growth and finally the flower! Success! It’s important to first address the root of the problem first in order for the sequence to unfold.

Step Three: Plan

How will my child’s treatment or therapy be carried out?

  • Therapy can be tailored to your families needs, whether short-term treatment or if more long term is required.
  • Therapy sessions are generally for 30 or 45 minutes and treatment is based on information received from the OMP assessment.

  • Perhaps there is a specific need or skill you would like to address? Short term therapy may be an option.

  • If you wish to have more comprehensive approach, long term therapy may be a better option for your child and family.

A Word About an OMP Approach

Oral motor Placement OMP therapy requires a commitment and a minimum of 3x per week for 15-20 minutes per week in order to achieve results. This is because muscles need repetitive movement in order to “remember” correct patterns. Parent carry over of what is learned is essential for your child’s success! You, your child, and therapist work together on therapy goals. This is best for effective treatment!

Home Program

If your child is unable to participate in direct therapy by this SLP, a home program can be created to target your child’s needs. Typically, the program would be for a 3 or 6 month time frame with reassessment following completion of the program.